Committee Members and Meeting Schedule

At the 2019/20 AGM held on 24 September, Committee Members were endorsed as follows:

President: Gerald Rogers Phone No: 0419435023 email:

Vice President: Charles Howat Phone No: 0478437219 email

Secretary: Norm McInnes Phone No: 0433568815

Treasurer: Frank Cahill Phone No: 0403163541 email: fcahill0611

Captain: Steve O'Donnell Phone No: 0403196837 email:

Vice Captain: Barry O’Dwyer Phone No: 0417827515 email:

Committee Members:

Doug Ferris: Phone No: 0418668238 email

Gordon Bray: Phone No: 02 46555104 email

Keith Ferguson: Phone No: 0413363324 email

Ron Hodson: Phone No: 0401388673 email

John Kelly: Phone No: 0455216121 email

Peter Legge: Phone No: 0401491461 email

Geoff Hosking: Phone No: 0409393995 email

Meeting schedules (after golf) for 2020 are as follows:

    • 4th February 2020

    • 7th April 2020

    • 23rd June 2020

    • 15th Sept 2020 (AGM)

    • 20th October 2020

Instructions for EFTPOS Payments

Following the acquisition of a mobile card reader, it is now possible from 4 August 2020 for members to pay green fees by Direct Debit or Credit Card Payments.

The step-by-step instructions to administer the payment scheme are explained in the following link:

Detailed instructions on setting up the system are found in the following link: