In March 1999 Bill Williams conceived the idea of forming a veteran golfer’s group in the Macarthur Area. He discussed this with Des Coady the President of the NSW Veteran Golfers Assn during a week of golf at Orange later that month and the idea was met with enthusiasm by Des.

Terry Quinn, Barry Rolph and John Shay were invited to join a steering committee and the first meeting was held at the home of Bill Williams on the 6th April 1999. It was decided that we should contact the four clubs in our area - Antill Park, Camden, Campbelltown and Camden Valley requesting permission to address the boards with a proposal. It was also considered essential that we approach Nepean Vets who currently played in the area and advise then of our intentions.

A meeting was held with Nepean Vets at Camden Golf Club on 13th April 1999 at which Nepean agreed, somewhat reluctantly, to assist us by supplying a copy of their constitution and support our formation.

Terry Quinn and Bill Williams met with the boards of Antill Park and Camden Golf Clubs. Bill Williams and John Shay met with the President and Secretary of Campbelltown Golf Club. Bill Williams met with the programme’s director of Camden Valley.

In our proposal we stressed the following points:

1) We play on a Tuesday when the courses have very few players, occupying one tee for a maximum of two hours, which would cause no disruption to social players.

2) We pay green fees of $4.00 for all players including home club members who in most cases can play for nothing

3) We charge comp fees of $6.00

4) We start our own fields and provide our own trophies.

5) The only cost to the clubs is the scorecards.

6) This can only generate no cost income to the club.

Antill Park readily accepted the proposal, but the other clubs were not prepared to make any concessions to their existing rates, however Camden did agree to allow us to send information sheets to all their members over 55.

Information sheets were prepared and mailed to all members of Antill Park and Camden Club over the age of 55. Flyers were distributed to all clubs on the South Coast, Southern Highlands and Nepean Vets and specific information sheets forwarded to all the local clubs who ran social golf clubs. The local paper was notified, and considerable support was achieved from this source.

A registration day and complimentary round of golf was held at Antill Park on 14th September 1999 when nearly 100 golfers joined the Macarthur Vets.

Our inaugural General Meeting was held on the 19th October 1999 at which resulted in the following:

President/Secretary Bill Williams

Vice President Terry Quinn

Captain John Shay

Treasurer Barry Rolph

Committee Gordon Terry

Max Beard

Mick Cleary

Sponsors were sought, and support gained from Campbelltown Catholic Club, Robert Williams Real Estate, Clifton Bros Camden, Inghams and Southern Soft Drinks.

This enabled us to put on lunch days and a Christmas Cheer Day as well as golf for $6.

Numbers grew rapidly and within 6 months we had nearly 200 members. At this point Camden Club approached us and we included them in our programme.

Shortly after this Antill Park increased our green fees by 50% to $6.60 which foreshadowed the end of $6 comp fees. It did however make Camden Valley Resort a viable proposition and they were included in our programme. Assistance from Andy Brookes enabled us to play at Camden Lakeside for $20.

Unfortunately, management changes at all clubs saw further increases to the point that Camden Lakeside became too expensive. However, the exception was Antill Park who reduced our green fees during the period Oct 1999 to May 2003, our numbers steadily increased. As at the 3rd June 2003 we had 339 members and regularly start fields in the high 80’s.

Club Championship Results History

Winners of past competitions are identified in the links below. Unfortunately, some of the historical data has been lost and the records shown are the best we currently have. Members are encouraged to assist in completing the data where possible if they have reliable knowledge of particular event results.

Incorporation of Macarthur Veterans Golf Association

Details of the documentation in relation to the Articles of Incorporation of the Association can be viewed here.