Committee Members, Meeting Schedule and  Executive Committee History

At the 2020/21 AGM held on 30 November, Committee Members were endorsed as follows:

President: Gerald Rogers Phone No: 0419435023 email:                                   

Vice President: Charles Howat Phone No: 0478437219 email:

Secretary: Norm McInnes Phone No: 0433568815 email:

Treasurer: Mark D'Souza Phone No: 0417235120 email:

Captain: Steve O'Donnell Phone No: 0403196837 email:                                      

Committee Members:

Doug Ferris: Phone No: 0418668238 email:

Syd Newbery: Phone No: 0434002649 email:

Keith Ferguson: Phone No: 0413363324 email:

Ron Hodson: Phone No: 0401388673 emai:

John Kelly: Phone No: 0455216121 email:

Peter Legge: Phone No: 0401491461 email:

Jan Domanski: Phone No: 0418255284 email:


Committee Meeting schedules (after golf) for 2024 are as follows:

Role of the Starter

The Starter's Instructions can be accessed here.  All Committee Members with starting duties should familiarise themselves with these requirements to maximise the smooth operation of events.

Instructions for EFTPOS Payments for Committee Members

For instructions on the use of the Wisepad (Mint) mPOS device click here.

Competition Create and Close Off Responsibilities for MiClub Group Members

To ensure the timely preparation of Events and the closing-off of Competions at the end of play, the attached table shows the Create and Close Off Responsibilities for MiClub Group Members.  It can be viewed here.

Executive Committee History

Attached is a list of past and present members of the Executive Committee dating back to the inception of the Association in 1999.  This can be viewed by clicking here.